You and Me

Morning comes
My eyes open
You place this weight on me
My legs weigh a thousand pounds
You paralyze me
You won’t let go
I struggle out of bed
And I move on

The list of things to do today runs through my head
Ways to make my mark on the day
To make my mark in life
Ways to be productive
Ways to make a difference
I have plans
I have goals
You grab my hair
You yank me down
You scream in my ear that nothing matters
I close my eyes
And shut you out

I fight to be positive
To train my thoughts
I work to put a smile on my face
You slap that smile off
You knock me to the ground
You kick me in the chest
You take my breath away
I brush back the tears
And I stand

You are a disease
You are called “clinical depression”
But me?
I am a fighter.
I am called “survivor.”

Shelby Lucas

This wasn’t written to be a beautiful literary piece but rather to express my thoughts on my daily battle with depression. I hope it strikes a chord with someone. Don’t ever give up the fight.


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