About Broken Quiet

Welcome to my blog! Broken Quiet is all about being more open and transparent about struggles and beliefs.

I currently have four categories:

1. Blog: This is where I post the thoughts and happenings of my life. My husband and I grew up in Michigan. Currently, my husband is a pastor at a little rural church in Missouri. He went to one of two Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) seminaries in America, graduating in May 2016. Seminary caused us to move 7 times in 7 years.  We’re finally settled at our first church and we love it here! Many of my blog posts will talk about seminary life and what it is like to be a pastor’s wife in a teeny, tiny town.

On the flip side, I struggle with clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, PTSD, and OCD. I am also in recovery for a self harm addiction. I have been clean since May 24, 2006. Many of my blog posts will reflect this struggle. Other posts will record how God guides me through the struggle.

2. Articles: I will also try my hand at writing some articles, mostly based on my faith and how it interacts (or conflicts) with the world. In addition, I will be writing several posts on healthier living, something that has become a passion of mine. These posts will be my thoughts and the research that has helped form my opinions.

3. Journey through Genesis: My husband taught a year-long, weekly class on Genesis during his internship in Illinois. I have had out-of-state friends and family express that they wish they could attend. As a result, I have decided to post my husband’s teaching and my thoughts on the subject. Each post will cover another chapter in Genesis.  Debates and questions are welcome as long as conversation remains respectful. (Note: I ended up accepting a job that prevented me from attending classes after a few weeks, so I have only posted about the first few chapters in Genesis.)

4. Poems: I’m no great poet, but every now and then, there are words I like to get down on paper. I used to often write poems in high school as an outlet, and while I have kept them, I have not shared them. These are difficult for me to share, but I have posted a few of them here, mostly old poems.

 Popular blogging terms:
DH (Dear Husband)
DD (Darling Daughter)
LO (Little One)
MIL (mother-in-law)
FIL (father-in-law)
BIL (brother in law)

Thank you for reading!


One thought on “About Broken Quiet

  1. I love your blog. it makes me laughI get to see how you new life is over there. Cant wait to read more!! Love you!!! Thanks for everything. You are goving me courage to start writing myself. So thank you!!

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